The Native Ads Network – Reliable Business Partner for Advertisers & Webmasters

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The Native Ads Network – Reliable Business Partner for Advertisers & Webmasters

One can say that people no longer consume ads with desire and delight. For many users, they have become just an annoying source of informational noise. That is why people tend to ignore intrusive ads – this defense mechanism is commonly called banner blindness. 

Advertisers and webmasters are in constant search of new creative and non-typical advertising approaches that actually work. In this context, native advertising is worthy of notice.

What Is Native Advertising?

Native ads work on the principle that says: if you want to stand out, you need to blend in. This kind of ad integrates into the content and organically fits the format and requirements of the platform. Ultimately, a visitor can barely tell the ad from the rest of the content on the page.

Let us figure what a perfect native ad looks like:

  • a part of engaging and helpful content;
  • 100% matches the topic and format of the site or blog;
  • does not urge viewers to become a customer directly, but rather creates such a desire at the subconscious level;
  • the content is autonomous and can exist without hidden natural advertising.

The combination of these features makes native ads a perfect target for advertisers and webmasters. Intrusive or almost invisible, they produce an excellent result. 

7 Irrefutable Native Ads Benefits

The advantages of using native advertising may seem obvious. But just to wrap up, here is why advertisers and webmasters give preference to native ads:

  1. Native ads attract high-quality traffic.
  2. They build up a backlink profile in case of publishing it with links to third-party sources.
  3. Viewers do not get annoyed by this kind of ad and sometimes even do not realize they see advertising.
  4. A wide range of possible channels and platforms for placement, from news resources to mobile apps. 
  5. Long-term effect of native advertising: it remains in the content, so with time, a huge number of viewers can see it. 
  6. Mass character. Designed for the target audience, native ads can attract also other viewers.
  7. Native ads are suitable for any type of business. The efficiency of advertising depends mostly on the platform on which the content is published.

Why Choose LuckyAds

To save your time and effort, you may want to delegate your advertising campaign to a reliable company. The Native Ads network, LuckyAds helps advertisers and webmasters across the globe get the most out of their ads.

In the best tradition of native advertising, LuckyAds offers you to choose one of the most profitable ad formats that naturally complements the rest of the content. Among them are:

  • recommendations;
  • quotes and article excerpts;
  • expert’s opinions and “articles within articles”.

The network focuses on sites and advertisers with flawless reputations, ensuring high traffic quality. Tailored approaches, fast moderation, a 24/7 support team, and safe payment methods make the service exclusively client-friendly. 

LuckyAds is an option for you if you are looking for a reliable partner that provides safe native advertising on various platforms and guarantees fast and first-rate results.

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